Americans for Restoration

Why we should all get involved in American Reforestation

americansforrestoration-03In case you are someone who is concerned about global warming and the negative effects that the advancing technology has had on the environment, then you should definitely learn more about deforestation and the only way in which we can stop this detrimental process, which is the reforestation. There have been some initiatives to start an overwhelming American Reforestation project, but so far it has fallen on deaf ears. We believe that it is time for this to change and we are inviting you to help us accomplish this by writing to your congresspersons and letting them know that American reforestation is something that all true Americans should be involved in.

Deforestation is the destruction of ancient forests for any of the reasons. For instance, forests are regularly brought down and destroyed by the timber and paper industry which cannot exist without forests that they can harvest, or exploit if you ask us. These are industries that are necessary for the modern way of life and we cannot live without them. However, these industries in some other countries are required to reforest at least as much of the area as they have deforested and this is something that we have to push in this country as well.

There are some other reasons why forests are being taken down in this country and elsewhere, such as clearing up space for new residential or commercial areas. There are also large portions of forested areas being taken down in order to make room for farming or cattle. This is once again something that is probably too difficult to avoid and it is therefore necessary to at least try and do something to mitigate the situation for a number of reasons.

The first of these reasons is that the natural balance in the area is irreversibly disrupted and that even extensive reforestation projects will take decades to restore this balance. This is particularly true for forests which were the habitats of various other types of flora and fauna which have all of a sudden lost their home. Reforestation can somewhat reverse their process, even though it will take some time.

americansforrestoration-04However, the biggest reason why you should get involved in American Reforestation is the fact that forests are responsible with doing away with more than 20% of all the carbon emissions at the moment, which means that things would be 25% more dire if there was not for forests. And unless we all get involved in reforestation, we will soon have less and less forests to take care of all those carbon emissions for us, slowing down and mitigating global warming.

When you consider how complicated and time and money-consuming most other global warming mitigation projects are, it becomes obvious that reforestation is the best solution by far at the moment which can be extremely helpful if it was to be done properly and extensively.

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